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  • Type 304 vs Type 316 Stainless Steel


    Type 304 and Type 316 are the most popular and widely used types of stainless steel. From sight, it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between the grades as they look identical. The biggest difference between type 304 and 316 is molybdenum. This is present in type 316 stainless steel. It is a chemical element used for the strengthening and hardening of steel. The main function of molybdenum in type 316 stainless steel is to resist corrosion from chlorides. Type 316 has ...

  • Why Stainless Steel is the best choice when constructing or remodeling an outdoor kitchen!


    Summer is upon us!! Summer vacation, summer holidays and warm, beautiful weather is when family and friends gather for cookouts and parties the most! Why not enjoy these gatherings in a new, sleek & stylish stainless steel outdoor kitchen? When the weather is beautiful outside, cooking indoors can be a tight fit and sometimes leaves the cook feeling isolated in a kitchen and not able to socialize and enjoy their guests. Not to mention that running the oven or the stove and having al...

  • Stainless Steel In A Clean Room Environment


        Stainless steel equipment is often used in cleanroom environments because it can meet strict hygiene requirements. Stainless steel is known to be strong, non-porous and able to withstand the most rigorous cleaning processes. Custom stainless steel is also versatile when it comes to design, which allows steel furniture providers to help their customers comply with regulatory criteria by working with them to deliver custom solutions to meet room specifications and dimensions...

  • Stainless Steel Residential Kitchen Renovations


    Stainless steel residential kitchens are a hot trend right now in design. Not only is stainless steel sleek, modern and clean; it’s practical, hygienic and long lasting. We all know about stainless steel appliances and sinks, but let’s look at the other uses that stainless steel has in a residential kitchen. Pot Racks: Stainless Steel Pot Racks are heavy duty and stylish. There are several designs and uses to fit your kitchen needs. Countertops: Stainless Steel Tops are wi...

  • Stainless Steel in Hospital Settings


    There are an abundance of reasons hospitals and other health care facilities use stainless steel. Sterile & Cleanliness are at the top of that priority lists. Hospitals choose stainless steel regarding storage and other surfaces for that reason. There are many advantages to using stainless steel storage in a hospital or other health care areas that always need to be clean and sanitary. The following reasons are the 3 top reasons why stainless steel is best, you may recognize them as w...

  • Do your existing countertops need a facelift?


    Are your existing countertops looking old and out dated, like this?     Looking for something stylish, durable and lasting, such as this?     SFI can take your existing countertops and replace them with a new top quality stainless steel countertop! With Stainless Steel Appliances being the trend in modern kitch...

  • The Most Common Uses of Stainless Steel


      Five factors contribute to making Stainless Steel the ideal material for an extremely wide range of applications: It's Strength, Corrosion Resistance, 100% Ability to be Recycled, Low Maintenance, and Long Life Cycle make Stainless Steel an essential part of everyday life.  Let's explore some of the most common uses of Stainless Steel in the modern world...     ...

  • How can stainless steel fabrication improve my laboratory/medical facility?


    Medical facilities and laboratories have many concerns to contend with on any given day. You deal with biohazards, pathogens, and more on a routine basis. You are constantly cleaning and disinfecting in order to avoid contamination and cross contamination in your daily routine. Stainless steel fabrication can help you make many improvements to your laboratory or medical facility. Some are more obvious than others, but all of these improvements help to ensure the safety of patients and sta...

  • Why is custom stainless steel fabrication the right choice for my commercial kitchen?


    Choosing the perfect equipment for your commercial kitchen is as important as choosing the right foods to serve. Regardless of the type of commercial kitchen you operate, stainless steel fabrication for your line equipment, tables, and sinks is always your best option. Aside from the fact that stainless steel fabrication is highly cost-effective for commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes, the following reasons are critical. Sanitary Stainless steel is non-porous. This means that bact...

  • Top requirements when choosing surface materials for laboratory use


    It's no secret that stainless steel is one of the most useful materials for laboratory settings. This is due to its corrosion resistance, high strength, and malleability. While it's important to be aware of these benefits, it's just as crucial to know about the different kinds of stainless steel. With that in mind, here's a look at three types of this versatile metal: Type 304 This is used for storing and containing all types of non-corrosive substances, including mild chemicals and food ...